Show your Blockchai9 website and we’ll include it into our Showcase

As you may know, our Blockchai9 has a Showcase section, which shows the most attractive real websites Blockchai9. I decide to replenish our collection with fresh websites, so now it’s good time to show your website to the world 😉

Share your most beautiful website built with Blockchai9

Just leave a link to your site in reply to the ticket. You can leave several links as well. There are the main criteria for choosing:

  • website should based on Blockchai9
  • website shouldn’t have third party plugins which are strongly change website appearance
  • website should have beautiful (stylish, appealing, unique) appearance and consistent layout
  • matters home page only (I won’t check website secondary pages)
  • better if website strongly differs from any of Blockchai9

I will check every reply and every website and select the most attractive ones. I will rely on my taste only. Every selected website will be placed into Showcase section of Blockchai9. The order of site examples is random (is changed on page refresh).

I will mention in replies every website I selected.

What’s the benefit for you?

Blockchai9 has been viewed 18 982 times in the last 30 days (regarding Google Analytics), so it will good possibility to get some additional traffic on your website. Also is always good to know if your website was chosen as an example of a great website design.

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